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Interview with Thamannah

1.How is life after the success of Happy Days movie?

Happy Days success made me busy in Telugu and Tamil film industries. I am doing all quality projects now.

2.How did KIKK happen?

I was looking to do a quality love story and KIKK came on my way. It was a perfect choice for me. I am playing the role of Geeta. I am doing the role of a village girl for the first time in my career. Geeta is also understated and sober person. She has principles and certain views which she follows religiously. It is a sweet character.

3.How is like working with Siddhardh?

I saw Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana and Siddhardh is a fabulous actor. I also loved Rang De Basanthi. We make a perfect couple of KIKK. Siddhardh is awesome in love stories.

4.Tell us about the director Kishore Kumar?

Though he is a first timer, you do never feel that you are working with a debutant director. He is confident about the script. Script is the biggest plus of the film. He has got great organization skills which made the jobs of us easier. We finished the shoot as per the schedule because of his planning.

5.How is Bujji as a producer?

He is thorough professional and would go to any extent to get his product right.

6.What do you think will be highlights of the film?

Apart from the script, music and the combination of Siddhardh and Prakash Raj are going to be highlights.1. Music: Music is interwoven with the story. All the numbers of KIKK are melodious and meaningful. Music will pep-up the film and raise the levels of emotional scenes. 2. Prakash Raj – Siddhardh combination: Prakash Raj and Siddhardh make the perfect pair of father and son. They played as father and son in NVNV and Bommarillu. But their relationship in KIKK is going to be entirely different.

7.Which language do you prefer – Telugu or Tamil?

My preference is always to the script. Not to any language.

8.What do you look for in scripts?

I look for the pace (speed) in narration. I feel that pace is very important along with the emotions for any film.

9.What are the other projects you are doing now?

I am currently doing the Tamil remake of Jab We Met which is being produced by Moser Baer. Bharat (Premiste fame) plays male lead. I am also doing another Tamil film in Lingu Swamy direction. Karthik plays the hero. I got offers in huge projects of Telugu cinema including that of Mahesh Babu, but could not accept them due to dates problem.

10.Who is your role model as an actress?

I grew up watching Madhuri Dixit films. Madhuri Dixit is my role model.

11.What is your dream role?

Chandramukhi character played by Jyothika.

12.Did you watch any movies recently?

I watched Ghajini and Slumdog Millionaire. I loved both the films. I am highly impressed with the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire. It is as haunting as that of Titanic soundtrack.

13.What are your all time favorite movies?

Titanic, Moghul E Azam, Life is Beautiful, Dil To Pagal Hain and DDLJ.

14.How do you maintain your fitness?

I do make sure that I workout for 30 minutes to one hour every day. I do run, exercise or dance. Consistency is important.

15.What about diet?

I avoid fattening foods (fried or oily). I don’t stop any anything, but eat little bit of everything. I eat in small quantities

16.How do you manage your looks?

I have to take care of what God has given me. I do sleep a lot. I do take off make-up as soon as the shooting is over. I do take right food. The body recuperates faster if our diet is good.

17.What are your hobbies?

I sleep a lot. I do watch lots of films in my spare time. I do relax and prefer to me along whenever I find some idle time. I do also write poetry and quotations. I am a day-dreamer.

18.Do you have a facebook profile?

I don’t have a facebook profile. But some miscreant created a profile on my name with my photographs and got himself/herself into the friends list of many celebrities. I am going to launch a complaint with cyber police now. The same thing happened with Varun Sandesh too in the past.

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