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Interview with Allu Arjun

1.What is your initial reaction after learning that you are blessed with a baby boy?

I was there with Sneha and obviously tensed on that night. But my first reaction was "Oh my God it is a boy! I was surprised, stunned, confusion, tensed I had mixed feelings. But I think after a few minutes, I could sense that amazing feeling. I guess every father would experience and feel the same when he first sees a baby and even I felt the same. But the thought of "becoming a dad" is yet to sink in.

2.How is the feeling of holding a baby

Actually I did not hold the baby immediately because I was not confident of myself. I was initially nervous to hold him so I had to wait for a few days before I could a feel of him. But the first time when I took him into my hands, boy, it was a very sweet feeling and I am treasure those moments. Becoming a father is the natural progression and the next stage after marriage. So the thought of becoming a father is itself an incredible feeling! I was very emotional after seeing the baby. He is the first boy to be in our family s next generation (Bobby is blessed with a girl). The entire family is elated!

3.Have you named your son?

Not yet... Actually, I am confused and am juggling between a couple of names and have not decided yet. I do not believe in superstition and name my kid based on the horoscope. I just want to name him like I want to. But I want it to be a Hindu name yet modern so that it should be easy for others to pronounce.

4.Did you buy any toys

I thought of buying a lot toys but then I just want to see the whether it is a boy or a girl and decide the joys. I have a few toys in mind and now I think it is time to buy them and I need to purchase them based on his age. I bought a farm house for Sneha and now I need to make arrangements for my kid to play.

5.How do u plan spend time with your son

Away from shooting, well, I always want to spend time with my family and being at home. And now becoming a father, naturally I spend time with Sneha and the baby. So it is pretty much the same I believe nothing much would change. Of-course, if I need to change the diapers for my baby, yes, I would do it.

6.Did Chiranjeevi see the kid

Chiranjeevi flew from Delhi to see the baby and he is one of those who first came and see the newly born. He congratulated me expressed happiness and said, "I remember seeing you born and now I am seeing your kid...what a journey it is been for me. I cannot believe time has passed by really fast."

7.What is your role in Race Gurram

I play a happy-go lucky chap in the action entertainer and I think the title pretty much reflects my character. Moreover, the first song in the movie clearly explains my character.

8.Why did you chose Surender Reddy...

I love his work for Oosaravelli. He has mesmerizing narrative skills and is a superb story teller. I appreciate his sense of balance and ability to execute new tasks. He is one of those filmmakers who know what exactly he wants

9.On-screen chemistry with Shruti Haasan...

I always strike a fine balance with all my co-stars and it is not a difficult thing because all of them are very young. And Shruti is a light hearted girl, and of-course she is light in weight too and that is why I could carrying her around on my shoulders (giggles). Both of us come from same background - film families. So our wavelength matches with each other and we work as thorough professionals. I really enjoyed working with her.

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