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Interview with Kajal Agarwal

1.Tell us about your character in Sarocharu film?

I am doing a character called Sandhya. It’s a tomboyish role. Sandhya is like Ravi Teja of the movie. She is energetic. She is brash and abuses at times (mild ones). She tries to imitate Telugu film heroes. She dresses like a boy. There are a couple of my real life traits are there in the character - tomboyishness and talking at a fast pace.

2.Tell us about Saarocharu?

It’s a cute love story with a different angle. There is a lot of emotion. There is journey. First half of the film is like a road movie.

3.Any scenes with Richa Gangapadhyay?

Interestingly there are no scenes with her in this movie. Richa is going to be the surprise element of the movie.

4.Are you okay with multi-heroine films?

Yes. As long as I like my character.

5.How is it like working with Parasuram?

He has directed my sister Nisha for Solo and I feel happy to work with him in Saarocharu. He is very hardworking and will go places. There are lots of nice dialogues in the movie.

6.Tell us about Naayak?

It is a big movie after Magadheera. It’s very comfortable working with Ram Charan. We know each other’s timing very well.

7.Your future films?

I am doing Naayak and Baadshah in Telugu, All in All Azhagu Raja in Tamil and Special Chabbis in Hindi. I am also doing a special in role in Yevadu.

8.Tell us about Special Chabbis?

As the title suggests, it’s about 26 people. I am the only woman among these 26 people. It’s a heist drama based on a real incident. It’s based on robbery happened in Tribhuvandas Zaveri Bazaar in 1987. Neeraj Pandey who directed ‘A Wednesday’ is directing this movie.

9.What’s your preference - South or Bollywood?

I want to do both and balance it.

10.Tell us about acting in movies helped in real life?

I learnt cycling and riding scooty by acting in films like Mr. Perfect, Thupakki etc. I have learnt horseriding from Magadheera. I am afraid of animals. Got rid of that fear after acting in films.

11.What is your new year resolution?

I want to be more healthy and do yoga regularly. I had been doing films at frantic pace. I want to calm down. I want to relax and do selective films.

12.what do you do when you are not shooting?

I love reading. I am an adventure junkie. During the new year of 2011, I went for deep-sea diving. During the new year of 2012, I went for skydiving. I like to bake and make chocolates.

13.What kind of guy you want to marry?

He should be good-natured. He should show respect to my parents. Should have family values. He should be understanding, trusting and fun-loving. I will try to find out that guy myself. If I don’t get one, I will ask my parents to search for one. But I will not marry any film industry related guy. I want to marry an outsider.

14.How does gossip bother you?

I used to feel bad during the beginning of my career. Somebody wrote that I was living-in with actor Ram. But now I don’t care.

15.Who are your favorite actors?

I am a huge fan of Nagarjuna. I like Nayantara a lot among the actresses. Her work in Sriramarajyam is awesome.

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